Terms and conditions

Hire fees and terms

  1. Prices quoted are based on one day's hire.

  2. Terms are Cash on Delivery unless otherwise arranged.

  3. While changes may be made to the items ordered, up to a week before, items delivered but not used will be charged.

  4. A deposit of 30% is required to confirm a booking.

  5. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Delivery and collection

  1. There is an additional charge for delivery and collection.
    The charge will be calculated after considering the size of the marquee, other equipment booked and travelling distance.

  2. Prices quoted are for delivery at street level with easy access. Extra charges are made for delivery and collection from sites with difficult access.

  3. Exact times cannot be given for delivery or collection.

Responsibilities and liability

  1. The hirer is responsible for goods hired from the time of pick up or delivery, until they are returned, and shall pay for all goods damaged or missing.

  2. Goods must be cleaned and dried and packed in respective cartons or crates.

  3. Blue Lake Hire's count and/or decision as to the condition of the goods and containers prior to leaving the store and on return shall be final.

  4. Linen must be returned in a dry condition. The hirer shall pay for any additional cleaning required and/or damages.

  5. Patio Heaters, spits, BBQs or any heating appliances must not be used in marquees or tents due to certain dangers that are unique to their use in Marquees or tents.

  6. The driver will not pack or check the goods.

  7. Goods dispatched by freight are at the hirer's risk and responsibility.

  8. Marquee walls must not be dropped on the ground or have anything stuck to them.

Underground services

  1. While we will take the utmost care we will not be responsible for any damage to underground services unless a correct plan is provided.